Freelancing on Fiverr.

The Freelancer.

Freelancing on Fiverr can be hard work when first starting out. Even for the more experienced freelancers because although you may be time served, if you’re new to Fiverr then you’re basically unexperienced, untested, untrusted, unequipped, unrecognised & under appreciated, to mention only a few. You see, on Fiverr they scale on a seller level system, where the freelancer has to complete certain tasks to gain a certain amount of points before reaching the next level. In particular, complete at least 10 orders & make $400 before being considered for the next level seller category.

You may be an Academic Writer/Editor/Proofreader or a time served Virtual Assisant. However, that won’t hold any scope on Fiverr until your seller rating has achieved a higher level, which can be quite a struggle because how can you raise or highlight your skills if buyers see that you have a low seller level on Fiverr & decide not to indulge in the service that you provide.

My advice is this, Fiverr is still a great platform for freelancers who are willing to try, try & try again, because it’s a great feeling when you make that first sale on Fiverr & you see them 100% signs above your service. It does take time & a lot of commitment to pitch your gigs to buyers, hoping that results will come your way, but persevere & buyers will eventually start to bite at the great service that you offer.

In the meantime, make sure you’ve created multiple revenue possibilities because Fiverr alone won’t be your path to financial freedom as a freelancer. It really is a cool platform to offer your service if you continue to work on your sales pitch & gain recognition for your work. The website is great, the mobile app is too.

You just have to try harder dear freelancer & then you’ll finally reap the rewards! Keep selling your service & Fiverr might just provide you with the clients you desire.

After a hell of a lot of hard work that is!

& don’t forget……..

Always Be Creative!😀

27 thoughts on “Freelancing on Fiverr.

    1. Thanks isabelle😀 you would make a great creative writer, I’m sure! Fiverr is a cool platform for the freelancer, so when your ready to freelance you should definitely check it out!

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  1. My freelance work can be extremely exhausting (especially medical writing), deadlines are very tight and this sometimes means having no work for 6 months and sometimes having too much work and no time to eat or sleep. The freelance work I do is not well paid, although it is very time-, skill- and knowledge consuming. I would prefer regular employment, but, unfortunately, getting university papers adjusted to the Canadian requirements is very expensive and I’m getting to the point when retirement is close.

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    1. Hey there fellow freelancer 🙂 It can be very hard work at times & exhausting. You’re right! I bet medical writing can be frustrating too. Thanks for your great comment & I hope all goes well with the freelancing.


    1. Hey The Social Diplomat😎 me too, it was a struggle at first, but you do find clients in the end. I highly recommend fiverr.


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