His Crazy Life.

His crazy life

Full of strife

Acts of violence

With a knife

Vicious crimes

Solitary times

All alone

His hazard zone

Mental pain

All in vain

Losing control

His tortured soul

A sickening sight

Struggling to fight

Dangerous & reckless

At the depths of darkness

Insanity will find

His tormented mind

A life of violence

In need of guidance

His weapon a knife

His crazy life.

Mental health issues can affect us all. We all have that darkness deep inside that may show its ugly face when least expected.

Prepare your mind for the fight!

15 thoughts on “His Crazy Life.

      1. I’m fine thank you. The weather is fantastic today, sunshine and clear-blue sky and all that. Just returned home from a cafe after finishing my next post. Not bad 😁🌟👌

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      2. Cool😎 it is nice out there today. Will be looking foward to reading your post! Have a great week Isabelle😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha a very simple minded way was the target😀 glad you still enjoyed it. Minds are complex but a crazy life can make someone simple minded in this way.😀

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