Blogging is cool & so are we.😎

Us bloggers know that fact & brands do too!

Thats why brands want to work with bloggers to help promote their product &/or the services that they provide. Working with brands is a good way to monetise, but we should look for more ways to monetise our blogs to help us earn extra income.

Monetise = Money!

There is a lot of options a blogger can use to make money from their website & advertising is a very viable option that can provide an effective outcome. With that in mind, I’ve been researching & I recently recognised one of the best ad platforms available online.

INFOLINKS is a great way to monetise your blog with ads.

The best thing about infolinks is that it’s easy to install on your website & once you set it up by adding the code where you want to place the ads on your blog, you don’t have to do anything else because infolinks will automatically start showing ads targeting your audience & then you can start earning money per ad click.

Infolinks is considered the best Google Adsense alternative & it provides a fantastic CPM rate, helping you to earn via online advertising. You can even run it with your current Adsense Ads if you already have that set up.

They also offer an affiliate program for you to earn more income from the links that you post with your articles. If a reader signs up via your unique URL link, then you’re paid a percentage of………

Well, who knows what? Because it’s free for everyone to join & yet, you still get paid.

Hey, I’m sure you won’t be complaining about that in a hurry now will you?

Nope, me neither!

Thanks for the incentive, infolinks. Much appreciated, my new best friend. Oh, how I love you infolinks.

Obviously, they’re making a fortune from the companies that advertise & infolinks are nice enough to spread a little joy our way too.

Another awesome perk about infolinks is that it can increase your traffic by a considerable amount & you may see your stats go ‘BOOM’ because they can send viewers to your blog via the search engine keywords they type that are related to your specific ads.

I’m in the process of setting my infolinks accounts on both this blog & my other cool blog @


You too, can set up an account with:


& monetise your blog to start earning an income from advertising if you decide to sign up folks.

Feel free to use my links!😀

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  1. Nice. So ure trying it out

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WarriorTraveller@WarriorFreelancer says:

      I decided against ads but I’m an affiliate, so it’s all good. Thanks.


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