The Self-Balancing Hoverboard.

The Self-Balancing Hoverboard

The Self-Balancing Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker & LED Lights is an awesome product available @

Can you imagine hovering about town on one of these bad boys?

Yeah man, me too! I’d feel like Michael J. Fox, in ‘Back to the Future’ giving it the big bad man thing whilst hovering like some kind of wacked out, futuristic superstar.

Woah, hold up, this is the future & we are wacked out superstars who are capable of hovering to & from wherever we want because at the click of a link we can order our very own self-balancing hoverboard to practice our futuristic superstar skills.

Self-Balancing Hoverboard


The Self-Balancing Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights (UL2272 Certified)
$245.00 free shipping
You save 1% off the regular price of $249.98

Hit the pavement in style with the self-balancing Hoverboard, featuring a Bluetooth Speaker and attention-getting LED Lights. The board features 6.5-inch alloy wheels, performance tires, a comfortable ergonomic design, and non-slip footpads that let you effortlessly glide through corners with full and precise control and a super smooth ride! Fun for the whole family, this Hoverboard is also UL2272 Certified, meeting the worldwide safety standard for products in this category.

NOTE: This item is only available for shipments to US addresses.

Yeah that’s right, sorry folks, for those who reside outside of the big US of A. This awesome product isn’t available for delivery by TripleClicks.

Lucky Americans huh!ğŸ˜Ž

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Maybe Amazon!

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