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“Painting, like poetry, selects in the universe whatever she deems most appropriate to her ends. She assembles in a fantastic personage, circumstances & features which nature distributes among many individuals. From this combination, ingeniously composed, results that happy imitation by virtue of which the artist earns the title of inventor & not of servile copyist.”

(Francisco de Goya.)

Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes was born 1746 in Fuendetodos, Aragon, Spain. & died 1828 in Bordeaux, France. He was a Spanish painter & printmaker. Considered the most important Spanish Artist of the 18th & early 19th century. Goya was very successful in his lifetime & he was thought of as one of the last ‘Old Masters’ & the greatest contemporary portraitists of all time.

Goya’s paintings can be seen as of very eccentric character, more so, after he suffered a severe & undiagnosed illness that left him deaf, sick & disillusioned. At that point his work became progressively darker & pessimistic. His main movement was Romanticism, working for the Spanish Royal Court.

It’s true that his paintings/drawings got a little bit absurd & crazy as his illness deteriorated. However, I personally think that Goya’s paintings are exceptional & they were a lot more interesting the more bizarre & eccentric they became.


Cool quote Goya!

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