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Prize Rebel is the leading paid survey site on the internet. It’s super easy to make money for your time when you join Prize Rebel. is a great place to spend a few hours a day to earn a healthy monthly income. You’re offered a list of surveys to complete everyday if you wish to do so. Completing surveys is easy & some are very enjoyable, ranging from a few minutes up to an hour per survey. Most of the surveys only take ten minutes tops to complete & when they are, you receive points from Prize Rebel for each survey that you’ve completed.

For a ten minute survey you can earn 100’s of points & when your points total 500, you can claim £5 PayPal cash or you can wait for higher payments including gift cards for popular highstreet retailers & the many more offers available at Prize Rebel.


I’ve seen surveys that offer up to 1000 points that can take much less than an hour to complete, the list of opportunities at prize rebel is fantastic & that’s without even taking a survey. You can easily earn up to £500 a month to add to your monthly pay balance.


You can earn an income at by visiting the offer wall & completing simple activities that offer points daily. The list of opportunities include:

  1. Surveys
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& many more!

So, if you’re searching for ways to boost your income by making money online, then Prize Rebel is a great option for you to do so. It’s free to sign up & join with no cash outlay needed ever! Sit back in the comfort of your home, or even on the go. Take surveys &/or complete offers from Prize Rebel & watch your income grow. Receive free stuff, cash & gift cards daily.


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