Eden Arcadia Gradation – Book Series

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Eden Arcadia Gradation is a story about a young man named, Crimzon Zerosaber.  The main character’s life has been full of many difficult obstacles. So much so, that Zerosaber’s life story has been made into a fantastic book series that is now available to purchase as a paperback collection on Amazon.

The series is told with such vigour and alertness, such compassion, and reserves of linguistic and structural invention that nobody can come away from reading these outstanding books without feeling thoroughly exhilarated.

Crimzon Zerosaber is guided by his wife Cyan Copia, and the help of his fellow family members as they tackle their way through many different subjects and conflicts.

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Crimzon Zerosaber…

Weapon: ZB-Saber

Ability: Crimzon Booster

Description: The main character of Eden Arcadia Gradation. Zerosaber is a cool, serious, and helpful person; always lending a hand to others when needed. His greatest weakness is his feelings. His strong point is his ‘Crimzon Booster’ ability, which lets him copy any persons powers upon contact.

The series also features a large list of many different characters. All with a wide range of personal strengths and awesome abilities.

This fascinating and very entertaining paperback book series is written by the Author – Benjamin J Guerrero.

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Guide Works – Part 1:

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This book explains all the details and information of all the characters of ‘Eden Arcadia Gradation’, meaning their personality, how they act, and how powerful the characters are in the book series.

Volume 1:

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Volume 1; is the beginning of the series, Eden Arcadia Gradation and the story about the boy Zerosaber, and the many obstacles that he faces in his life. As you read the story, you’ll uncover more about him and his family, along with the guest characters that you might already know.


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This great story is a short alternate path that would take place after ‘Eden Arcadia Gradation Vol.1’. It also contains artwork of the many different and fascinating characters of the series.

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The Eden Arcadia Gradation book series are an excellent read for all generations to enjoy. The books certainly have the potential to be bestsellers. The stories are fresh, fast-paced, and very clever. They have all the makings of a cult-classic series. Benjamin J Guerrero, the self-published author tells the stories superbly. Using a range of approaches from realism to fantasy, the series is winningly compulsive and brilliantly conceived…!

And with Christmas coming soon, this fantastic book series will make a great gift-set for children and adults of all ages. 🙂