My Deepest Heart’s Devotions.

An African Woman’s Diary
The late Ms. Gertrude Kabatalemwa, from Uganda, West Africa, created a diary chronicling her experiences in faith and with God on a spiritual journey that led her from working in the African President’s office to building schools and training leaders for the underserved in her native village. Gertrude began her faithfull path labouring for the Kingdom of God because the burden of her heart informed her that spreading the good news of Jesus would help faith and its inner healing properties become rooted, firmly grounded and abundantly fruitful in the lives of the great people of Uganda.

Ms. Kabatalemwa once served as Minister for the Development of Woman whilst spending time as the Secretary to the President and forming friendships with many different people in power. But she felt that her true calling was to spread the word of faith, so she started documenting her life and times in Uganda, whilst discovering and discussing her deepest devotions to the lord Jesus Christ in a diary that reaches six incredible books. The series is a great read for all generations and for those who may be in need of help in finding faith.

An African Woman’s Diary is told in a unique and fascinating way that is sure to grab readers attention from the beginning to the end. Books 1-6 express Gertrude’s thoughts and cover many important factors about faith and the hope that it brings to people from all walks of life. Whatever path people take, faith and belief can help them to overcome many extremes, and in her deepest heart’s devotions Gertrude offers a fantastic insight into her own mind and what it is like for those living with faith as a servant to God in Uganda, West Africa.

Living in Uganda can be considered quite difficult at the best of times with so many turbulent times throughout Africa’s long history. But Ms. Kabatalemwa was determined to overcome those difficulties and set out to help others in need in her native country. Gertrude was a woman with faith who will be sadly missed by many. She considered herself a true maid servant to the lord and passed on the word of God to all. She had a vision and took the path to righteousness by following the lord as an apostle, and she wrote it all down in a diary spanning decades of teachings and family turmoil.

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