Monetise Your Blog.

Hey folks, If like me, you’re looking for ways to monetise your blog then look no further than, Get Blogged It’s a fantastic platform that offers you a great opportunity to start earning funds via the websites that you own. Get Blogged has clients that want to advertise on your cool blog. When you sign […]

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Keyboard Warrior!

Some may say that I’m arrogant, egotistic & narcissistic, but honestly, all of this I’m definitely not! How dare you say so little about me because I’m much, much more than that & this is the truth. I’m an arrogant, egotistic, narcissistic, psychotic sociopath with multiple personalities & I don’t care if you dare to […]

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The Online Writer.

Happening WiseGuys of WordPress.πŸ˜€ ‘The Online Writer’. Hmmm, I suppose we’re all online writers with us being bloggers huh! Being a freelancer with writing as one of your main sources of income, you have to find the right freelancing platform that works best for you. This can be quite difficult because there are soooo many […]

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Calling All Crackerjacks!

Thats right guys! I’m calling on all Crackerjacks. Are you a Crackerjack? Are you the next Van Goth? Are you crazy &/or creative? Are you absolutely mental? Have you been mad all your life? Are you always tooled up, even when you go to the shop? Have you been sectioned in the past? Are you […]

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Freelancing on Fiverr.

The Freelancer. Freelancing on Fiverr can be hard work when first starting out. Even for the more experienced freelancers because although you may be time served, if you’re new to Fiverr then you’re basically unexperienced, untested, untrusted, unequipped, unrecognised & under appreciated, to mention only a few. You see, on Fiverr they scale on a […]

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